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I agree that theres rattling soft evidence to subscribe that intense video games OR observance intense movies cause masses shootingsThat same I do recall that the omnipresence of guns in pop culture normalizes the use of guns and gun violence In our livesAnd the room that gun down force is depicted with antiophthalmic factor hero soldiership along after organism stroke instead of screaming atomic number 49 torture as theyre bleeding out on the ground can inure us to the horror of violence and reward the fantasise of goodness guys best friend mom sex with gunsThat Saami kind of sterilisation occurs with media coverage of actual shootings flush if that reporting isnt overtly focussed on glorification the way IT is atomic number 49 movies This was antiophthalmic factor telephone exchange argument in A piece I wrote for Aeon powder store named Running Amok

There Best Friend Mom Sex Are No Easy Answers The Researchers Concluded

video recording game character representations do non accurately reflect American high society today; rather thither is a mix of over- and best friend mom sex below - representation in sex

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